Case study

Client description:
Polish television station “Czwórka”, which has been broadcasting since 1 April 2000.

Project scope:
Business application

Technologies applied:
HP Data Protector

Client’s needs:
Creation of searchable archives of video materials (serials, films, commercials).

Our solution:
The project for TV 4 is a great example of the functional use of IT tools for business solutions. Based on the backup and archiving service, we have developed a system which constitutes a comprehensive archive of video materials (serials, movies, commercials). It is divided into two parts – an archive on types for less frequently used materials and a disk-based archive for often used and new materials. Based on a query providing a TV schedule for the next day, the system searches all packages in the archive, arranges them in a desired order and sends them to the emission servers.
We built the solution based on the HP Data Protector software that provides archival and database functions and added our own programming code that supports the interface which tailors HP tools to the needs and requirements of the television station. Apart from meeting the business needs, we have optimized the maintenance costs and ensured uninterrupted system operation.