Case study

Client’s description:
Ebejot – a general contractor of the projects on the Warsaw construction market
Scope of the project: On-premise infrastructure. Upgrading the entire company’s infrastructure based on Fujitsu servers and replicating Synology arrays.

Project scope:
Infrastructure on on-premise model.

Technologies applied:
Fujitsu i Synology.

Client’s needs:
Replacement of old environment elements.

Our solution:
There were clearly defined tasks in this project: replacement and configuration of the hardware infrastructure to provide space for business development at the most optimal cost. Using the solutions offered by Fujitsu and Synology, we have been able to design a space of more than 30 TB on two software-replicating fault-resistant arrays and high-availability array within the budget of several thousand zlotys. The scope of the service included hardware delivery and installation, environment configuration, data migration to a new platform. We completed the task within 21 days.