We provide advice and trainings


For the effective operation of IT in a company, it is necessary to regularly check the current status of our environment and consider what can be done to make it work even more efficiently. Here comes a comprehensive audit service that creates a complete image of how IT works: from the physical view, which includes the arrangement of styles, servers and switches, to the application model, which indicates which components depend on a given application, to the functional view, which includes the verification of the environment elements responsible for a specific business functionality.

The following issues are subject to audit:

Technology consulting

Our own trainings and workshops for our solutions

After verifying the needs and competences of the client’s team, we prepare training sessions and workshops that make it possible to extend practical knowledge in the scope of the technology used in the company. Workshops are based on the client’s environment (better understanding of the tools used = better response to real problems) or in our labs prepared by our specialists. As part of implementation services, we always provide training for administrators to show them what work with new solutions look like every day.