MVP – Most Valuable Professional, is a legendary title of true technology masters who are selected by Microsoft every year all over the world. As usual, it is not easy to obtain the Master’s title – there is no competition or specific procedures which can be followed to guarantee it. In fact, there is only one condition if you want to get it – you must be a true passionate about MS technology. Only this allows you to explore and expand your knowledge tirelessly for many years and, at the same time, reflects enormous energy, willingness and patience to constantly share your knowledge with others. The winner of the MVP tile, who has a PhD in the field of MS solutions, must have certainly shared his observations and discoveries in the virtual form or on blogs, technology portals, forums and any other possible communication channels, or live at different industry-related meetings and conferences. This is how he was spotted, nominated and rewarded for his individual activity, namely his contribution to the development of the Microsoft IT community.

At present, Polish MVP elite includes 45 masters in ten categories and it is so fantastic that one of them is in our team 🙂 Kamil Bączyk is a world-class expert in the field of infrastructure and cyber-security. Kamil specializes in issues related to MS infrastructure, especially SharePoint business platform and cloud technologies such as Office 365 and Azure, which he is interested in from the point of view of cyber-security and vulnerability to hacker attacks. This topic is exceptionally up-to-date and important and results in numerous projects mainly for corporate clients, global state institutions and government organizations.

Kamil is also an active speaker and mentor at prestigious conferences such as Microsoft Expert Summits, TechRisk Management Forum, Microsoft Certified Trainers Summits, ShareCon365, SPS conferences and international university sessions. He is able to perfectly adapt the latest technology to current business needs, which is evidenced by numerous certificates (not only related to the MS environment). As the Most Valuable Professional, Kamil is a passionate person. He is constantly exploring new technologies, conducting trainings and providing consulting services and persistently striving to find newer and newer solutions – there is nothing impossible to him!

Kamil’s profile